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    Need Urgent Help!-air conditioning.

    Hello everybody.

    As you all know, summer is hear and it is getting hot. The problem is that my air conditioning unit never properly works. Here are the list of problems

    Air Flow is weak
    Air is not cool.
    Freon constantly leaks out.

    The ac who comes to my house is very lazy and all he does is put some more freon in and says he has patched up the problem. The sad thing is that it has leaked over 11 times in the past 4 years. Every time he comes he insists that he has solved the problem.

    I decided to go to another AC guy. He said that the unit was too weak to supply the part of the house that it is hooked up to, The side of the house that has the ac problems is 2000 square ft with 8 ft high ceilings. The price he said did not seem reasonable.

    The other guy said that the duct work was not right, but the unit was fine and strong enough. I asked him about the freon leak and he said that is only a very minor problem, whearas i read that it is a pretty big problem. Not trusting this guy I called another guy.

    The other guy said that the duct work was fine and that it is an insulation problem that was causing all my problems. He said that the flow was fine. I did not believe him because on the other side of the house it is much cooler and the flow is much stronger, BUT that side of the house is hooked up to a different unit.

    Now i am super confused. It is hot as hell and in the afternoons i feel like killing myslef. I live in the southeast united states right along the coastal region, so temperatures reach about 100 F easy because of the humidity.

    I emailed an ac guy who i found on the internet who hands out advice and he said i need a 4 ton unit for my house. Not knowing how many tons my current ac system is, i went out side to check. Sadly there is a bunch of information that I do not understand. I took a picture of the information to see if anybody knows what any of it means and if they could help me.

    That is a picture of what my AC unit says on the outside.

    If anybody could help me i would be extremely grateful. I feel miserable in my house in the afternoons. Plus with all these people telling a bunch of different things, I have no clue who to believe.
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