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    Confused Samsung MH080FXCA4A power wiring

    Hi Guys,

    Could someone please clarify my confusion regarding power requirments for Samsung MH080FXA4A/MH052FNCA.
    Installation manual says 220V/30A main power supply, where on unit I have only 1L/1N and ground. So, do I connect black/red to one 1L??
    Same for indoor unit, 1L/1N but cable requirement is 3 prong. (see diagram attached)

    Thanks in advance...

    Removed HUGE wiring diagram!
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    just spoke to a buddy, and he said that I use both hot wires (black to L, and red to N) and leave N wire not connected. can anyone verity please?


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    You can't read and follow instructions. Thats the problem.
    Reread the site rules. No DIY, no step by step.

    Your friend is wrong.
    And you don't know how to select proper wire guage.
    You are a danger.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    This is not a DIY site. Please consult a local contractor to rectify your problem.

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