I have a Goodman GMV90905DXA furnace, and have received two bids on adding AC to my system. I wanted a high efficiency system, so both contractors specified a 16 SEER condenser (Goodman SSX160601A).

However, they proposed different coils, and I wanted to see if there are any pros/cons or other surprises with either:

One proposed a Goodman CHPF4860D6 with a separate TXV;

The other proposed an Aspen CE60A34-240L with the factory installed TXV.

Oddly, the bids are almost the same price, so that is not an issue. Assuming the contractors are equally competent (they have great references), is one system better than the other? Does the "all-Goodman" system offer some advantages? Does the "factory TXV" of the Aspen make it better? I have no idea what's involved in installing a TXV, but assume it's a no-brainer for the contractor?

Would appreciate any feedback or thoughts.