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i havent looked up the specific equipment your talking about but i will say that trane equipment is by far superior,..so my advice would be to spend the extra $$$ .

is this an air to air heat pump?

single phase or three phase? (if its residential its probably single)

what part of the country?

i will also mention that all the bells and whistles are the first thing to go wrong,..anytime you try to make one thing do everything it fails,...thats the problem with heat pumps in general,...they dont cool good and the dont heat good,....they do both ok (i guess),...(you would get better results with a conventional ac and a seperate heat source)

and no,..i am not a trane salesman..(like the bryant dude that posted earlier)


Where are you getting this information???

Far superior? Bells and Whisles? Heat pump can only do ok? 3 phase?

You need to slow down there turbo. You are quick to throw out brand names like they mean something.

Brand names are a thing of the past man. Now a days, your Trane coil is made in the same factory as a Carrier...just a different corner.

What I am getting at is all components are now made out of country. Mainy Mexico and China. And then assembled here in the USA. So how does that make 1 brand better than another???

Not tryin to bust your balls there supertech. Just trying to get and give some perspective.