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    geo or heat pump

    i have a 13 seer heat pump i can heat down to 35 deg out door .if i went to a geo can i heat my house in lower temp i was hoping 0 deg.any help

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    That will depend on teh heat loss of teh house, teh heat output of teh geo, and how deep your wallet is to afford the geo install.
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    have a 13 seer heat pump i can heat down to 35 deg out door

    Like beenthere says, what are all the teh's??

    For 35F breakover, you must have a 2T unit on a big, drafty house?

    Your best return on $$ is insulation, caulking, and weathersstripping if you can only heat down to 35F with your HP.

    here, heat 5300SF with a 4T, and it still worked fine at 12F (never has gotten colder here lately) with no elec resistance backup.

    FWIW, disconnect the elec resistance heater or turn of the breaker to it. It just wastes $$$$.

    Unless ya got your own backhoe, or well drilling rig, etc, GSHP will cost you a bundle, but payback in some places can be < 5 years if your POCO has a rebate and low loan rate program.

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