we installes a 13 seer 3 tonn last week got a call today and wont work. went out put gages on and suction at 30 psi. check everything txv linset all okay. cut out suction line and nothing through the service valve. valve is open and nothing. replace unit same thing im on unit 4 today, service valves will open before vacuming but never after. what the heck is going on ? another wierd part is gages will not equalise ever. i tryed 2 gauge sets to be sure. when i m evacing everythig goes normal untill the microns get to about 1000 then i hear a pop then they plummet really fast as if you just had a micron gauge on and your hose valves shut. im not the only guy who had this issue today the wholsalers had a few pissed off tecks. all units were r22 3 were 13 seer 3 tonn one was a 15 seer 3 tonn and the coil is a txv. replaces txv once please tell me im missing something simple