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    AprilAire 400 vs Honeywell HE265

    Hard to find opinions on these two humidifiers. AprilAire claims to use 100% of the water. Found one opinion that states; Honeywell HE265 wastes water.

    If AprilAire is correct, seems like a no-brainer to go with 100% usage vs waste.

    Anyone familiar with both units??

    I did a search here, but I'm not convinced of a good conclusion on this one.

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    The 400 needs its pad changed twice a heating season.
    Has a water sump. So there is a chance of scum to build up, or mold. Not recommended to be connected to hot water line, so no an ideal unit for heat pumps.

    The 265 is a flow through. Consumes more water. Panel should be changed once a year. Slim chance of mold be cause of no sump. Can be hooked to a hot water line for better efficiency on heat pumps.
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