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    Freon Vs Puron and/or Evap Coil Vs Coil + Condensor

    My home is 2100 sq feet single story home 1999 built
    It has 2 a/c units Bryant 2 ton and 4 ton with Bryant furnaces.

    Furnaces on both are working fine.
    2 ton units unit is working fine.
    4 ton unit has leaked freon in the ALL STYLE oil, compressor is working fine.

    My options are
    1) Change the coil now and change compressor down the road (couple of years later) when it breaks on its own and upgarde to puron with compressor change out.
    2) Change the coil and replace the compressor (10 seer compressor, 9 years old) and upgrade to Puron now.

    How reliable is to clean out the freon system and load it with puron? Do you still get warranty on compressor and/or parts and labor extended warranry with freon to puron upgraded system?

    Thanks for listening.

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    Would you put a sterio and rims on a 1975 ford pinto? Bite the bullet due it right and do your research ,the best system in the world is a piece of crap if improperly installed and sized

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    Did the a/c technician tell you where it's leaking? If the indoor coil is leaking then the repair will be most of the cost of replacing the whole unit. Also the Bryant unit you have my have a 10 year indoor coil warranty. So kind of hard to make any recommendations when I'm not sure what's really going on with your unit to begin with. As to your question with the 410A or Puron, you can use your existing copper lines. Replacing the lines is recommended. You can also use R-11 to flush the lines sets which helps get rid of any of the old oil. Either of these methods would be sufficient. I've seen people do neither and they are no immediate affects, but could lead to problems down the road. You can even call a local Bryant parts house to see what kind of warranty your unit has, but most of them are 5 years... Goodluck

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