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    No the topic was closed for me, so no issue there...just figured your screen name was as local to me as they get.

    ----end hijack----

    and thanks for the contact, I'll give him a call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montreal_Canada View Post
    If I have to choose between new Lennox G61MPV60-90 and G61MPV60-110 fournace, knowing that my total house area (w/o basement) is about 2,600 sq.ft., and with basement about 3,250 sq.ft (garage non included), and that house is built in early 80-ies, when they used to use 2x4 instead of 2x6 for external walls (ergo: my external thermo insulation is not the best), what is the better choise ?
    Contractor "A" says, that 90,000 BTUs are good enough for this area, and that first stage delivering 60K BTUs will do the job, if not second stage of 90K for colder days will be OK (lets say we know that 90,000 are in reality 84,000),
    Contractor "B" says, that it will be better to get a 110,000 BTU fournace, so we will be always sure that if first stage of 90,000 dosn't deliver all juice, second stage of 110,000 will do it. Especialy if price difference b/w both models is not too big ... I don't know how much exactly, anuways ...

    But my question in this case is : knowing that a 110K fournace will always start from 90,000 and not from 60,000, is it a good choice ? (more gaz I believe for 90K first stage against 60K == more money spent, but for shorter time lap ??)

    Anyone to post a word, PLEASE !! ;-)


    load calc needs to be done to know which one you need.

    look into the G71MPP furnace, i doubt we will sell anymore G61s now that the new model is out..........

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