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    Health problems associated with mastic

    Mastic is used in my area to seal duct board transitions from the inside. An example would be attaching an air handler to the plenum in a closet. Since tape cannot be applied to the back seams. Mastic is applied on the inside of the duct board to seal the transition. Does anyone know of health concerns with mastic on the interior. It is made as an exterior duct sealant. The reason I ask is local companies stopped applying it to the inside of ducts because of a lawsuit.

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    Email whoever manufactures it. I would think they thought about these potential problems before they sold it.

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    Here you go -

    Seems pretty safe to me.
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    Find out what the lawsuit damage claim was.
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    Mastic is for sealing the air barrier correct? Applying the mastic to the interior surface of ductboard will not seal it. Why because air will flow throw the fiberglass. If you want to seal from the inside you have to cut down to the air barrier, seal and then put the fiberglass back. John Dooley from the Florida Solar Energy Center is/was the duct seal maven in Florida.

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