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    Wanna get rid of the ground water to air unit

    Jacksonville, Florida
    3500 square foot house, split level, 30 year old ground water to air unit, 5 ton.

    i want to get rid of this leaky inefficient beast, and put in air to air.

    a) should i put in a 5 ton air to air and zone it?

    b) put in 2 3-ton, one for the upstair/downstair bedroom and one for the kitchen, great room, that's the big part of the house

    c) minimum is 13 seer with variable air handler, should i go 16 seer?

    my electric bill is $550 in the summer, most of that is AC.

    (i'm going to redo the insulation, put in radiant heat barriers, repair the supply lines.

    d) i want to run a return line from each room, my AC guy wants to cut the bottoms of the doors off..

    Please read the site posting rules, No Pricing allowed.

    thanks, mucho..
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    We can't see it, so we can't tell what you should do.
    Other then get acouple more estimates, and ideas from your local contractors.

    Please do not post prices, its in the rules, Thank you.
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    do the math -- 4x12 supply = 48sq in * 75% = free area

    with 30" wide door, having 1.5' stops -- 36/28.5" = 1.25" [less some for crack around door, maybe]

    U need new contractor--

    do/get load calculation done!!!!

    get a system, not a patch --
    did you get a new car body, or whole car the last time?
    harvest rainwater,make SHADE,R75/50/30= roof/wall/floor, use HVAC mastic,caulk all wall seams!

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    The new air to air units are more eff. than your 30 year old water to air unit.

    Of course the new water to air units are a lot more eff. than the new air to air stuff.

    The most expensive part of the water to air system is done, the ground loop. Find a Waterfurnace dealer and let him run the numbers for you. I think you will be suprised by the savings.

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