I would like to thank the members of this board that have provided me with helpful information to properly adjust my HVAC system. After installing TXV valves on both the heating and cooling side (not because the system wasn’t working well but to improve the efficiency as much as possible) of my heat pump and following the advise of members here I am happy to say the system is performing better than new. My reason for trying to achieve maximum efficiency from my system is that we are trying to make our home a Zero energy home. We have a total of 66 Photo-Voltaic panels on the main roof and garage roof combined for a total of 10 Kw. We also have a 1.8Kw wind turbine and two active hot air panels to supply electricity and heat to our home. While we do have a 95% efficient gas furnace, it only comes on when the heat pump need to defrost. We have 15kw of strip heaters staged @ 5k 10k 15K as needed to help the heat pump when temps get below 25* We are able to produce over 16Mwh annually of electricity and the active hot air heaters handle about 30% of our heating needs on a sunny winter day @ 30* or so.

Below is a photo of our home that was featured on the Cover of Mother Earth News as well as in Popular Science magazine

Thanks again for all you help and advise