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    Quote Originally Posted by second opinion View Post
    With the 802/803 a "manual" increase of 5 degrees will bring on the fossil fuel
    or comming out of "set back" if the control sees to parameters 8 degrees from set point and one hour away from set point it will bring on the furnace.

    2nd opinion,

    Thanks ...that is the stat I have (802) ...I won't be turning on the heat quite yet here in Richmond, but it is good to know that I have that "manual" option..having said that, I still want to minimize the propane use and utilize the heat pump as even with the 18% increase coming at us with Dominion Power, it'll still be more economical to use the HP than LP...that is why I think the install balance point temperature set at 40 is too high ..but as beenthere suggested, I'll try 35 and then 30. Doesn't that make sense?..thanks again for your response

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    Quote Originally Posted by VA GENT View Post
    I'll try 35 and then 30. Doesn't that make sense?
    yes, it makes sense, my aux heat doesn't call until temp gets below 15 degrees

    this is due to the way i operate my system as well as the parameters set on my 8000 t-stat

    coupled with the fact that i have a (purposly) oversized 2 speed system!

    it gets complicated, but not setting back the stat too far, and not trying to recover to quick are key issues!


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