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With the 802/803 a "manual" increase of 5 degrees will bring on the fossil fuel
or comming out of "set back" if the control sees to parameters 8 degrees from set point and one hour away from set point it will bring on the furnace.

2nd opinion,

Thanks ...that is the stat I have (802) ...I won't be turning on the heat quite yet here in Richmond, but it is good to know that I have that "manual" option..having said that, I still want to minimize the propane use and utilize the heat pump as even with the 18% increase coming at us with Dominion Power, it'll still be more economical to use the HP than LP...that is why I think the install balance point temperature set at 40 is too high ..but as beenthere suggested, I'll try 35 and then 30. Doesn't that make sense?..thanks again for your response