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    Confused Rheem/Ruud vs Trane/American Std. need advice fast please

    I am sure this has been asked before and I have been reading all the posts for about two weeks to learn about the AC lingo. We live in Houston and yes it is freaking hot without an AC but have done so for about three weeks because I can't seem to make up my mind as to what to do.

    Most of the bids that I have received are for Trane xl16i and AS version of that. What I am finding out is that it is an unloading scroll and doesn't control humidity that well, correct? So I have decided that I would wait until the Trane xl19i (R410) and AS (they don't know what they will call it say an alligence 20 for now) which was slated to be released in the fall! So I would just fix the blower motor and capacitor until then right. But Friday I find out from one contractor that Trane rep said they are now pushing that fall release back 3-4 months which is now next April or so. IS THIS TRUE?

    So being in Houston, I don't know how long my system will last on just fixing the blower motor etc. I don't want to spend alot on a 15 year old Trane to begin with.

    So what do I do? I am back to the drawing board. I can't afford Carrier and not sure I want to! Do I go with a Rheem/Ruud product now and if so which one? I also want a air cleaner Ie. accuclean etc and an uv light.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may have for me becuase I am so confused now!

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    I'd pull the trigger on the Rheem in a NY minute

    From all I've read on here and other places its bulletproof (correct install, of course).

    I would not be anywhere south of mason dixon in July/August/Sept w/out air.

    Have you also considered Houston's own Amana/Goodman brand?

    At the first sign of problems w/MY 15 y/o A/C-she's coming quick.

    Piece of advice, handed down from BeenThere-look at the Trane xl15, too

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    Nothing wrong with Rheem/Ruud.
    You could also get a estimate on a York Affinity. It also uses the 2 stage unloading scroll compressor.
    But it can use a Honeywell IAQ thermostat to increase its humidity control.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Mr. Spy so you are saying to go with a Rheem? If so which one?

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    Go with the Rheem mod. Nice piece. And I think Rheem is offering a sweet rebate on the mod now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by air311 View Post
    Go with the Rheem mod. Nice piece. And I think Rheem is offering a sweet rebate on the mod now.
    Which model 16 or 18?

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    This one

    Quote Originally Posted by dsgracey View Post
    Mr. Spy so you are saying to go with a Rheem? If so which one?

    Sidebar: my wife's grandparents have this particular unit in their house. Its really kicking.

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