I was fighting trying to keep the humidity below 60% and not always succeeding.

I installed the Honeywell IAQ thermostat and the problem is gone.

I have the thermostat set at 74 degrees and 42%. The temperature is always 74 degrees, and the humidity varies between 39 and 43% - usually at 41 or 42%. We walk in the door and the temperature feels just right.

I have the fan set to circulate and I changed the CPH to 1. It takes longer than an hour for my house to heat up by a full degree anyway.

My wife and I are now extremely happy with our current setup. We can’t hear the AC when it comes on, yet the house stays exactly at the temperature set on the thermostat. The humidity is very well controlled. The master bedroom is two or three degrees cooler than the rest of the house - just the way we like it.

We have the temperature set to our comfort level and our AC bills are still a small fraction of some comparable homes.