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    Ok thanks. I will probably worry about proper furnace sizing after I make a decision on the A/C. Having gone through a winter in the house already, I at least know my furnace will keep the place warm.

    hmm, any thoughts on my questions re: the proposed A/C system:

    1. Does the Heatcraft TE32636 coil seem a reasonable choice to go with the American Standard 4A7A3036A1000 condenser? Is it important that the coil be the same brand?

    2. How much clearance is needed between the condenser and the wall? I want to put it as close to the wall as possible.

    3. Is it realistic for me to ask for a performance guarantee like 70*/100* or should I just satisfy myself with 75*/95*?

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    The idoor coil doesn't have to be made by the OD unit manufacturer, be it muct be an AHRI match. Not familar with that coil brand.
    Ask your contractor for an AHRI certificate, or the AHRI reference number.
    If it has none, then its not an approved coil.

    Not sure on that condenser for clearance, might be 12", might be 24".

    Too close, and you restrict air flow, and lose efficiecny, and possibly shorten compresoor life.
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