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    Quote Originally Posted by twilli3967 View Post
    Twilli wonders were does Weber get the guage condoms? Testo make em?
    Lol, sometimes you have to go in bare, but you better make sure shes clean with nothing in your hose from the last one.....
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    What is your TESP?

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    Twilli says bare??? Woooooooooo
    No Heat No Cool You need Action Fast

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    After about 4 years leading back to 2000 we carried two sets of gauges. Now installation 99.8% of what we do is 410. We use the Yj Titan 4-valve manifolds with the large 3.25" gauges. You get alot of oil spray electrical contact cleaner in your hoses then flush with nitrogen.
    "Football Season again finally"

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