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    Longer Lineset Needs Larger Size?

    Old unit is still running, but it's got to be on its way out (20+ years old). It will probably be replaced with a 410 refrigerant unit, and so my question is: With a lineset run of 40 feet, with 8 feet of that being a vertical run (the unit is in the attic), will it need a larger-diameter-than-usual lineset? If so, I guess that solves the question of clean vs. replace on the lineset...

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    It depends on what size lineset you have now as well as what size unit you will be putting in. It might not even have the right size to run the 410 to start with.

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    Cool line set

    Not knowing your current line size. Tends to limit your answer and most likely provide with you bad information. Prior to changing your Climate control system. You should have these things done. A load calculation(manual J ), Review of existing duct system(check for correct sizing and leak tightness), check the duct insulation system for proper type thickness along with sealing issues. Your contractor should preform all of these before submitting a proposal. You may or may not see these things. The contractor may charge you to see these some times.The firm I work for does if the customer wants the information before committing to do the work. The proposal stage(quote, estimate) should involve a complete look at your home and they should ask some questions.They may even recommend filtration system adjustment.

    If I am not mistaken your local area the duct system is in the attic. You may be looking at a smaller system if improvements to the home have been made since the last calculations where done. If somebody even did preform a calculation. Increasing the size is not wise without more information


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    40' isn't a long line set.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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