How noisy are they?
I have a small house, only about 1000 sq ft to dehumidify. But for allergy reasons I need to get the humidity really low, like 45%, about 50 pints/day dehumidifier is recommended for that apparently.
The whole house dehumidifiers I've seen are a lot bigger than that, like 90-120 pints/day.
Are such things loud? Do they have dBA ratings?
It occurred to me that with that noisy whirlpool beast I had, the noise was from the fan. A cheap fan is loud. You could only tell if the compressor was on by listening closely.
So maybe a whole house dehumidifier isn't loud. It would be using my furnace fan, right? Turning it off and on as it needs to?
Does the compressor make a lot of noise?
My furnace fan is about 51 dBA. I don't want much more noise than that in my garage, the bedroom is next to it and the noise of the furnace fan is about as much noise as I want in the next room.
I guess a whole house dehumidifier would be in the garage? Unlike a central AC which would be outside, and one really shouldn't hear b/c of that?