American Standard
Heritage 16 SEER
48,000 capacity

Air Handler(S)

2/4TEE3D49 4.0T (VS) R-410 A
49,000 capacity


2/4TEE3C49 4.0T (SS) R-410 A
49,000 capacity

ACONT8027-Day Digital Programmable 3 Heat / 2 Cool T-stat

Dual Fuel Furnace-
AUX2B100AFV3VA 4T 60,000 ST 1
93,000 ST 2

ASZ18 0601A Heat Pump 4 Ton

57,000 Capacity

AEPF426016 Air Handler (VS, mult-position) R-410A

AMH95 0905DXA Duel Fuel

The 18 SEER Amana is a SLIGHT bump in price over the 16 SEER

The 16 SEER American Standard is a huge bump up in $$ over the 18 SEER Amana and gargantuan bump up over the 16 SEER Amana

No mention of T-stat for Amana

New Duct work (except for trunk)
Extra Return (total of 2)
Extra Supplies
Larger Pad (if needed)

Full Warranty

Now company "A" is the company that's been servicing our HVAC this year and fixed the installers' screw ups. Trusted, reliable, and BBB certified

Comments, thoughts, advice would be appreciated

We will be taking other quotes later, but for now this will suffice.