I have a 1165 sq ft house and just recently replaced an 18 year old HVAC system. We had a 2-ton 14SEER American Standard Allegiance Air conditioner and an American Standard Freedom 90 Contemporary Furnace installed. The problem with it is although it seems to be cooling well, the relative humidity seems still a bit high at around 65% in the daytime. This is not due to short cycling, because during the hottest part of the day when the thermostat is set at 72 F, the air conditioner will run continuously for several hours and while the temp is 72F the relative humidity will only go down to 60%. During Is this normal or shouldn't the AC system be able to bring the RH to 50% or so? I looked at the drain pipe from the condensing coils and there is water trickling out of it. I am going to have the techs come over to look at the system, but any suggestions would be much appreciated.