I had narrowed down my choice to a Bryant or Carrier AC and Furnace system. Both were identical and the contractors were of equal size and reputation. The quotes seemed the same but Bryant was a bit cheaper so I went with them. I know its partly my fault for not being more diligent but it was also never explained to me what I was getting.

The thing that really burns me is I was quoted a "Bryant G200" Humidifier. It turns out that Bryant does not make a G200 humidifier and it is actually a Trion G200 humidifier that my contractor has rebranded themselves as a Bryant. Unless I am missing something that seems rather deceptive to me, listing something as a Bryant product that is not. I assumed (yes I know I should assume) that when I saw Bryant humidifier that I was getting a Bryant humidifier as shown in the brochures.

The quote also listed a Bryant Media Filter. Well stupid me assumed I was getting the EZ Flex filter and not just the filter box that apparently comes with the furnace. Is there much difference between the two.

Other than that the main system itself I am very happy with. The house has never been quieter or more comfortable although there were some installation issues.

Looking for opinions from other contractors. What would you do?