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    I kept bits and parts of old system........

    When I had my old Trane complete system taken out the tech's said if I wanted to I could keep the old stuff if I wanted. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. (Said they can't use it again and they just sell them for junk/recycling). I replaced it as it was undersized and got tired of it running 24 x 7 in the hot summers around here and paying huge electric bills.

    I had told them at some point I had an interest in having someone just take a few parts as I may want it to cool my garage for short periods of time - an hour or so here or there. Just a bare bones system - compressor, air handler, coil, with just a swith to turn it on and off.

    Question is, with comp/condenser, and coil and a fan motor (didn't keep the furnace/air handler - may find a junk updraft air handler somewhere, could or WOULD I find someone that could just cobble a system up to just make it work? No thermostat, no nothing. Just reconnect the coil to the outside unit just to blow cool air for garage. When done, just use a simple ON / OFF switch?

    Would such a 'rig' have to meet code for something like this idea? If this is totally impractical or cost prohibitive, shall I just set it out on the curb for bulky trash pickup? Is it pretty much a worthless idea?


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    Unless you really know what you are doing as far as HVAC design and application is concerned, and it seems that this is not your area of expertise, it is best to toss the stuff you have horded.

    I save a lot of this stuff myself and I know what to do with it and most of it winds up in the trash
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoBoTeq View Post
    I save a lot of this stuff myself and I know what to do with it and most of it winds up in the trash
    What you're wanting to do would work for your application. We all want a conditioned garage. There is a quote that I can never remember, but it is something of best laid plans of mice and men. Give your self reasonable amount of time, say 3 months, if it never materializes, then recycle it and collect the money and buy a case of beer. I had a mini split air handler in my garage I was gonna hook up for just blowing air and try to find an old condenser to screw around with to make it cool in the garage. I gave it to my brother 2 months ago to blow air in his garage. It's his "project" now.

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    Sure, somebody COULD make it work. But at what cost?

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    It would still have to meet code.

    More headache then worth.
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    Why not just get a window unit or something simpler like a Evap, cooler
    Sound overkill to me and allot of work and at least Electric Ck would be needed and basic mounting / pipeing etc would have to meet BAISC CODE

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    Check this forum,

    Might give you some ideas, or someone to unload it on.

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    make sure froen was not pumped down into condenser when it was removed.most trash people wouldn't touch any with freon still init.

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