I have recently moved and now have a house with a 15 yr. old heat pump air conditioner. I have never lived where you needed an air conditioner so I don't know what either estimate means. My house is 1100 sq. ft. in No. Carolina (eastern).
one says: Carrier 2 ton 13 seer heat pump condenser with 410 refrigerant (25hba 324A003, I'm going to call Monday to find out what the name of this item is because I looked up under Carrier and it didn't show numbers).
carrier 2 ton air handler, 5kw strip heater, digital unit with out door sensor

2nd estimate says: 2 1/2 ton split heat pump 13 seer air eas lennox, kw heat strips, digital t stat

I now have a 2 ton and every yr. must get additional freon. No name on it except Goodman Mfg. The 2 ton works fine and I don't know why I should go to a 2 1/2 ton.
I also have a pipe out side that drips water when the air is on. I have a bucket under it that I catch the water with because it drips at my house foundation. I have been told not to use the water on plants as it is too acidic, is this true? Thanks in advance for your answer.