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Thread: Traeger Owners

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    Traeger Owners

    Any other Traeger grill owners out there?
    Had mine going on 10 years now, grill year around. Smoke salmon, turkeys etc.
    My wife actually uses it better than me. LOL

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    i have had mine 6 years. im looking to pick up a bigger one soon. i want to do a rotisserie turkey this year. best grill you can get, built tough
    Air conditioning to all and to all a good night

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    have never heard of Traeger grills until now... interesting use of wood pellets..

    here in Tulsa, Hasty Bake grills are popular. natural lump charcoal is the fuel of choice for grilling.

    also got a trailer mounted smoker large enough to feed 300+ folks.
    Oklahoma Joe smokers out of Stillwater made my little smoker.

    as you can tell... I'm a big time BBQ nut!

    here's a 18lb brisket at the beginning and just coming off the smoker after 10+ hours of smoking with hickory and pecan.

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    I have a FE100 which uses the Treager control and is a pellet cooker. Fast Eddy and Cookshack joined forces to build them. They're built in Poca City, OK.

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