I have seen 3 cycles per hour (10 min on/10 min off) recommended on several sites. What is the reason for this many cycles per hour over say 1 cycle per hour? It seem the AC is just getting to peak performance before it shuts down.

The lowest setting on my thermostat is a 1 degree span. This gives me 1 cycle per hour (30 min on/30 min off) during the heat of the day. So, if it takes my house 30 min to warm 1 degree with the AC off, my thermostat would have to read a 1/3 degree difference to get a 10 min off time. Then I guess my AC would run 10 min to cool 1/3 degree. Is there a recommended tstat that reads partial degrees?

Or is there something else that would need to change to get to the 10 on/10 off recommended cycle time?