I have a Armstrong Concept 10 Mod SCU10B424-3 central air unit just starting its 4th season. Has worked fine until this 4th season. Original installer was out to service and said compressor was not starting and probably bad. Left saying he would attempt to locate a compressor but did not know how long that would take (unit carries a 5 year warrany - parts only). A few days later different tech returned with a hard start kit and unit now working which is great as its hot out. Said would need to take it up with owner on compressor and where we go from here. While these guys have been very good to work with and may very well opt for a new compressor (they get paid regardless) I'm feeling like I need to be prepared to argue for a new compressor. However; I still need to weigh the labor cost - experience has taught me to be concerned about major fixes (sometimes it's best to leave things alone). On the flip side I don't want to face a new compressor shortly after the warranty expiration. There are many other units like this installed in tha same area and I have not heard of other issues from neighbors. It's an inexpensive unit but I live in a colder climate and we run it less than 2 months a year. Any advice would be appreciated.