I am opting for a Honeywell Electronic air filter. Sorry if I said Electrostatic.
The metal electronic part of my floor Friedrich air cleaners are made by Honeywell.
I am familiar with them and how to wash them once a month. I bet that part for the
AC cleaner will look almost exactly the same as my $450 Friedrich air cleaner.

Is that too restrictive for airflow? Noise wise or whatever?

Also, should I wipe the inside of my ducts and see what comes out on the rag?

One contractor said that while they are doing the work, cleaning duct work for my small unit is about the cost of just replacing the duct work. (since they are there and could do it at the same time). I don't smell any smoke or anything when the heater kicks on.


PS. I'd rather montly wash out an electronic AC metal part (I do that now) and replace any fairly cheap other charcoal filters, than have to spend a lot of money monthly to replace AC filters that are passive with the "other" type of AC filtering. That can run into bucks.

So what's everyones take on AC electronic filtering? I know it puts out ozone and electronic systems tend to make everything "stick" to your walls. WHAT ABOUT AIRFLOW? AM I OK THERE?
I wash down my entire condo every year or so.