I have a condo, 887 sq ft. I've gotten HOA approval to go ahead.

I have a few questions. The bid was made at least 10 weeks ago.
Should I just call the installer and say "Go" or go over what we discussed
and is in the contract, one more time?

Also, all 3 contractors who are major players in my area didn't do any J calculations. They just sized it up visually. After reading a poster here
who is in my area and went with a 1.5 ton, he said his AC worked a bit too
hard on a really hot day. The installer I'm going with suggests a 2 ton.

I'm going with that, as my condo is an upper unit above 2 garages. That's what he recommended. The heat really rises.

Another thing, I'm a smoker whose trying to quit, and my unit does not vent out my cooking fumes to the roof. Should I get up and take off a register
and wipe it to see what accumulation of smoke and cooking fumes there are?
I hear that it's almost the same to replace the duct work in my small unit as it is to have them cleaned (which wouldn't remove smoke in the first place).
That is..have the duct work replaced while they are there in the attic.

I'm going with a Carrier 38HDR on my entry patio, and a Carrier Performance series for the heater. Also, I'm having a Honeywell electrostatic air cleaner installed. I'm locked into the 38HDR as that is what is in my HOA proposal, and I want that slim line unit anyways.

I even downloaded a .pdf of the install manual for the AC. I hope they follow all the procedures in that .pdf, even tho I bet most installers don't. (runnng final tests, etc).

I'm in San Diego, and the contractor is Avalanche Mechanical.

Edit: I did a crude computer calculation for my 887 sq. ft. The result was 1.8 ton, hehe.
I think that's why I should go with a 2 ton? The heat is really retained in my condo.