I'm closing in on three Lennox XC16 or possibly XC19 (one 4-T and two 2-T) split systems as part of a major facelift on our home which has an old and dead 4400 sf Coal Tar Pitch built-up flat roof which will be totally taken down to deck and replaced with seamless sprayed on Bayer Polyurethane roof [SPF] which will require high-end A/C systems to control humidity inside of the house. Trane LX19i or LX21i is a long shot at this time but remains in the running.

I’ve not been able to acquire a specific and clear comparison of the Honeywell IAQ, Lennox Comfortsense 7000, and Trane TCONT803 t-stats or a first hand recommendation based on personal experience with each, and local dealer advice appears to be limited to models which match A-C brands with little relative value being given to the IAQ.

I would greatly appreciate comments that compare and contrast the Honeywell VisionPRO IAQ with the Lennox Comfortsense 7000 and the Trane TCONT803 t-stats in terms of their effectiveness in controlling Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnaces which will match the respective compressors?


p.s. This place rocks for a newbie who knows little about modern HVAC technology! You guys are ramping me up quite nicely for assessing incredibly variable proposals from a number of dealers who seem more interested in signing a contract than in truly determining and servicing my needs.