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    Question, please help.

    My house has a split system, The problem I am having is that the compressor will run and the fan will run, however when I go to the thermastat and turn off the unit completely it doesnt stop, it keeps going. I went in the attic to the other half of the system and took the panel off, there is this button which I think its connect to a relay. When I took off the panel the unit stopped running, when I put it back on it started running.
    My question is how the hell do I get my unit to start working with the panel on and be able to go to my thermostat and turn it off / on.

    Think I have a bad relay?

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    You need to call a pro to look at your system. It could be any number of things. No DIY help is allowed on this forum

    Good luck
    Its a good Life!

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    You got a bad something.
    Time to have a tech check it out.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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