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    Trane differences between cheaper models?

    (Talking about R410a type units...)

    1) What are the exact specific differences between the XB13 and XR13 condensors? Is it marketing?

    2) What about the two basic furnaces? XB80 and XR80?

    3) The indoor "evaporator coils" are made from aluminum instead of copper? Good or bad? Aluminum is softer?

    4) I heard the "outdoor condensor coil fins" are shaped like snowflakes? Three years down the line they bend easy when you try to wash them? Hard to clean? Grabs dirt like a brush instead of like a comb?

    5) Do the cheaper models use reciprocating instead of scrolling compressors? Which models use what?

    6) Are the blowers motor speeds adjustable on the conventional furnaces?

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    go nto and enter the residential section and you can do a comparison on the two units, note the waranties onthe two, the xr has 10 year compressor and the xb has 5, both have 5 functional parts

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    The warranties are the only diff? There has to be more?

    The compressors are diff?

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    Normally the compressors are the same, the XR models have a cover over them, the XBs don't or may have just a wrap. Cabinet isn't quite as nice. And the warranty. While the XR isn't quiet, the XB is even worse.

    The XR furnaces have the 80 volt nitride ignitor, the XB last I knew used the old board & ignitor. XB may not have blower compartment insulation which helps with noise. Otherwise about the same.

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    XB13 has a recp. compressor 5yr parts 5 yr compressor warranty
    XR13 has scroll compressor 5yr parts 10 year compressor

    XB80 has the old style ignitor, basic control board with no acces. terminals, no blower cabinet insulation, lift off doors with no gasket, no bottom pan in blower compartment.
    XR80 has new ignitor, control board with acces. terminals, insulated blower compartment, hinged blower door with gasket, bottom pan
    Multi-speed motors on both. the fins are fine and you dont need to bush them just use a chemical solution that is recommend by Trane

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