Last time I asked a question here, it was for my downstairs unit. Now, my upstairs unit is causing me grief.

The unit shuts itself off automatically because of the overflow detector found inside the drain pipe. I believe that the pipe is draining correctly, but I might be wrong. In addition, the unit seems to be producing more condensation/water than it should (otherwise why would it be shutting off after 1 minute).

I had a tech here just last Tuesday. My pressures were good (40? I think) at the condenser. The temp drops were approx 22. This applies to both units.

Any ideas about what is happening here? I guess the evap coil could have failed since Tuesday, but I doubt it.

5-yo Trane XR12 5-ton.

Any help and/or insights are greatly welcomed.

I will likely have to call the tech again, but it helps to know what might be going on.