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    Exclamation Lennox Central Air Conditioner Help needed

    The hot summer has come and as of today my central air conditioner no longer cools my house.

    There is a small amount (very small, weak) of air that comes out of the vents around the house. It isn't cool air, it is room temperature air.

    One of the two pipes which lead from my furnace to the outside air conditioner has condensation forming on the insulation. The non insulated, thinner, pipe is cold. The insulated pipe has the condensation forming outside the insulation. I haven't peeled the insulation away, but I assume the insulated pipe is supposed to contain the hot water that the air conditioner removes from the house.

    At the base of the insulated pipe (as it inserts into the furnace) there is a clump if ice about the size of a golfball.

    The outside air conditioning unit spins normally. There is no debris around the outside unit and the fins on the outside unit are clean.

    The furnace is a Lennox and both the CAC and furnace are 4-5 years old.

    I just removed the cover to expose the A coil

    sure enough the entire A coil is frozen over.

    I am going to let it defrost over night and then inspect if further.

    Possibilities are:
    1) lack of refridgerant
    2) dirty A coil

    anything else?

    also, should I disconnect the two pipes (hot and cold) that connect to my A coil and then remove my A coil from the furnace housing in order to clean it?
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    Turn it off ASAP. Call a pro
    There's no water lines, You disconnect something you will be going to the ER.

    Did you change the filter???

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    Wow, you really need to call a pro before..... Well, I'm sure others will comment soon..

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    the filter is new

    and it is turned is the power

    anything else I should do (can't call a pro, they claim to be all booked up (busy time of year) and wont come for weeks they say... we can't sleep inour house it is so darn hot

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    First, don't cut anything loose!!!

    Second, was the filter really dirty when you changed it?

    Third, even if you have to wait, the damage you may cause will cost alot more than sleepless nights if you continue with your plan...

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    The only advice you will get here is make sure you have a clean filter and call in a professional. We do not give diy advice...ever.

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