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    Advice: high efficiency worth it yet?

    Newbie here.

    The connection terminals on our 1996 York Stellar Plus A/C compressor fried the other day. There's nothing left to connect the wires to.

    The cost to fix the compressor is around xxxx. The cost to replace the A/C system ranges between xxxx to xxxx depending on the brand I've looked at so far.

    Since the furnace is a 1993 Trane XL 80, I inquired about replacing it as well with a two-stage 92% efficient model.

    But here's my problem. I've been reading a lot of negative things about these newer high efficiency models that have come out. For example, in A/C, Bryant (aka Carrier) seems to have problems with their coils, and I'm not sold that R410 isn't causing its own set of problems in other brands. In condensor furnaces, Carrier has had problems with their secondary heat exchangers, and Lennox seems to be difficult to service. It appears after all the years there have been problems, Carrier has yet to redesign their heat exchangers, instead opting to give new owners a 20-year warranty. I'd rather they fix the underlying problem by using stainless steel.

    Is this information fairly accurate? Instead of jumping into the high efficiency game quite yet, I'm thinking of just replacing the compressor in my current York and waiting a few years for things to get ironed out. I clean our furnace every year, and it seems to be working just fine, so if it ain't broke...

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