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Does this system have dehumidification controls?....
Yes, the new system has humidity control. In my mind, that is the only plausible explanation for higher energy use since the system may be running longer to control humidity. I have no idea if it is running longer. I have the humidity set at 40%. Even so, the energy usage spikes are weird.

I have not changed any duct work other that what the install company did at the furnace to adjust for the smaller furnace size. My dryer is gas. My giant electric hog of a hot tub was turned off at the same time as the heat pump install on May 30.

While I was not expecting a significant savings, I did expect to see 10-15% in lower electric utility bills, not 20% higher. Again, all other electricity uses in the house are the same between May and June. The only variable is the hot tub no longer drawing power and the outside temp/humidity being higher.