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    Problem with heating in one zone

    Hi. We just moved into a new home and are still learning about our HVAC system. We are having a problem with the heating in one zone, and I am trying to determine if we actually need to call someone to work on it or if we just don't understand the system. Any advice would be appreciated.

    My understanding is that we have one HVAC system but three zones (two upstairs and one downstairs) that are controlled by three thermostats. We are having no issues with heating upstairs or air conditioning anywhere. The only problem is with the heating downstairs. It just will not work downstairs. I will set the thermostat well-above the current temperature. The thermostat with then say "heat on" but we never feel it get warmer and the actual temperature never increases according to the thermostat.

    Any idea what the problem could be? It seems to me that it can't be the furnace itself because the heat works great upstairs. I also don't see how it could be the vents or the thermostat since the air conditioning works great in the whole house, including downstairs. Is it possible that I just don't understand our system and am setting something wrong, or do I just need to go ahead and call a professional?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    You should call someone. Could be simple wiring problem, bad transformer, bad relay, etc., etc.,
    But more importantly, you should establish a relationship with a reliable, professional HVAC company. They can go over your entire system, educate you all about your system and preventive maintenance, and make sure everything is running properly and safely. Then if you have no heat, or no A/C your established relationship should help you get your problem solved faster.
    The last think you want to do is to grab you phone book and start calling when its very cold.....or very hot.

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    Turn the two upstairs thermostats to the off position. Then to test the lower zone, try just the blower (fan on) to see if you get airflow out of those registers. Then try the heat mode. Through a process of these trail and error tests you should be able to pin point the problem.

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