I'm upgrading an old mechanical thermostat to a digital one. I've read up on-line about this and also have looked over the manual for the digital thermostat I will be hooking up - seems simple from an electrical and install point.

The only problem is the wiring is a bit confusing. My system (aw24-05c) I believe is a single stage heat pump and has 5 wires (see picture). The manual (http://noblewinds.info/Hunter/ThermIns/44550.pdf) indicates that the only heat pump wiring uses no white wire and a jumper between RC and RH. The system I have has a white wire in use and no jumpers in the current setup - however it has an Orange wire/connection confirming that it is a heat pump present.

I'm guessing that I should go ahead and connect the white wire and add a jumper and hopefully it will work.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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