I have a tech coming out tomorrow to check it out, but I thought I'd run it by you guys first...

The house started to heat up yesterday afternoon (hottest day this season -- thought it was normal). Went to a ballgame and got back around 10:30.

It was about 85F inside and the blower was running.

The compressor unit (4-year old Bryant 661) was not running and making a humming noise every minute or so. It was radiating a LOT of heat from both the fan motor and compressor. So, I opened the windows and made an appt. this morning.

I got up this morning and tried it again. The unit kicked-on with the compressor and fan running. I let it run for 10 minutes. Both lines were warm and no cold air -- no luck.

History: The sub-contracting service company failed to seal the system when installed. 2 summers in a row, the system needed charged (the 2nd visit they realized there was a leak and fixed it ). Both times, the condenser froze-up into a block of ice.

Could this have shortened the life of the unit? It's warranty parts + labor so I'm just wondering what it could be. Freon leak, capacitor, etc???