I have installed a few Unico systems, including my home which was my very first Unico install. Right now I have a 2 zone Oil fired hydro air system. My 2 Unico units are the MB2436L air handlers one with just the heating coil, the other has the heating and evaporator coils. I want to install Geothermal, but there are many who don't know/understand high velocity and automatically assume geothermal cannot work with a Unico delivery system.

I am wondering if I can remove the Evaporator from the attic unit and add the water chiller coils to both units. So I would have the chiller coils connected to the geothermal and the heating coils still connected to the Oil fired for second stage heat if temps drop below 0 and geo can't keep up.

All I hear is nay nay nay, but cannot figure out why? I can run a 1.5 ton geo heat pump to the 900 sq/;ft second floor air handler and a 2 ton to the 1200 sq/ft first floor. As long as my Unico system is running correctly, and delivering the proper CFMs to each room, what can't this work?