Turned on the AC for the first time today and have both the upstairs and down stairs within 1 degree of eachother. downstairs is holding steady with 85 OD temps and 46% RH at 78 ID temp, andthe upstiars is holding at 78.6 ID temp with 46% RH,I was able to achieve this with keeping all door's and windows closed with letting the cooler air in for fresh air ventilation until a more suititable setup can be installed. Turned the AC on and for 1500 sq ft. I think I got things under control, after having put up some new foambd, insulation on the exterior of thehouse with a tyvek house wrap over that with new siding, and sealing all around my windows and door's I do believe all my hard work has paid off along with the new Infinity furnace running with a 10 r-22 OD unit life is good