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    Question cold room controller

    I have a cold room.4 separate freezer. Using common refrigerant circuit with 3 compressors. Controller is tuscan universal from Honeywell. This controller total damaged. Clients want to replace the controller and rewiring. I want to design new control with using dixell board. My idea is, can control individual freezer by shut off the liquid line solenoid valve on each evaporator. My doubt is...
    1. How do I control the compressor stage and compressor cutoff?
    2. As defrosting one evaporator, it will affect other evaporators?
    I want typical wiring diagrams of these type units.

    Can anybody help me?

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    The Honeywell Tuscan Universal refrigeration Controller is a European control that I'm not familiar with.

    From their literature, it appears to be a temperature and defrost controller only, so the existing compressor control should remain the same as what you have currently.

    As for the defrosting evaporator, do you have hot gas or electric defrost? Electric should be no problem. Gas defrost with only three evaps can be slow and sloppy.

    Which Dixell were you looking at?

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