Hi All,
We are building our retirement home on the lake. ~10K SF and will have 4 units. Question for all who know about the new IQ Drive 23 SEER systems by Nordyne.. We will have approximately 3,500 sq ft of hardwood. Our builder is saying he highly recommends humidifiers for our new installation as hardwood can shrink/expand with extreme humidity changes. I know the units have incredible humidity control for summertime use but in the winter we need a humidifier.

1: Do humidifiers play well with the Nordyne units (or is there no difference when in heating mode)
2: If Yes - Have 2 options. Steam (lower maintenance and independent of the furnace unit running) or AprilAire Humidifier (a little higher maintenance and according to HVAC guy not quite as good as steam.)

Any and all help and replies are welcome.