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    Need help evaluating a bid

    I received the following bid from a contractor:
    1. Installation of CARRIER INFINITY heat-pump; 19 SEER; 48,000 BTU
    2. Variable-speed air-handler CARRIER
    3. Infinity control
    4. 4 zone-controls
    5. Basement duct-work (4 supplies)
    6. Full-coverage insurance
    7. 10-years factory warranty, 2-years service warranty

    Total Price: $xxxx (Infinity Price is $xxxx)

    Don't have a clue if it's a decent bid. Could anyone help? The house is 2 Floors, 2,500 sq. feet with an unfinished basement. Do you think 48,000 BTU is too much?
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    Read the rules

    You will have to remove prices.
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    Please edit out the pricing. Its not allowed here, Its in the rules, Thank You.

    Olny contractors in your area can tell what is involved in the installation of your system. prices vary by area and contractor.

    The Carrier Infinity system and zoning is a top of the line system. And currently, unmatched by any other brand.

    4 tons sounds a little over sized.

    Have a load calc done.
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