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    McQuay RPS036CLY

    Im new to this site and hope to get some info..I have new acct just looked at today(late in day) Problem is that im not making static press. McQuay model# RPS036CLY VAV system and pretty warm the last few days so boxes are most likly all wide open. Static set for 1.5 WC running about .84 WC. I know that .84 is not that bad but when I went to unit noticed the return fan not running. Both supply & return fans on drives. I just got lit. from cust at end of day and will be reading up..I have never set one of these units up before but accept the challenge...I guess the question is how to set up for return fan to run. Our company did not install or set up unit initially..thus my limited knowledge unit. You can put the return fan in bypass and it runs....Also building static very low. Thanks in advance for any help

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    Was there a run command at the drive? Maybe the drive was in fault? Need more info to really help you. The TABS people typically set up the fans and VFD's to get airflow to spec.
    It might get loud!

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    there is three ways to run the return tracking ,direct building pressure or remote set should scoll the micro-tech II under parameter - unit config,item rf/ef ctrl. to see what it is set to. Is your supply fan running at 100% since it can't make setpoint? good luck

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