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    Curiosity questions. VS handler

    I just had a variable speed Heat pump installed. It's an Amana unit.

    I know the VS is working because I can feel the difference at the registers. My question is this. I have a standard Honeywell focus 5000 thermostat. How does the system know what speed to run the blower? What signal does it get? Does the Thermostat dictate the speed or does the handler have the controls and how does it know what to do?

    This is purely a curiosity question.


    PS. They are installing a new Honeywell IAQ thermostat next week. (cause I want it)

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    Your 5000 has no control over the blower.

    They may have set up a slow ramp profile for the VS.
    After that. It only varies its speed to maintain set CFM air flow.

    The IAQ how ever, can slow the blower if the humidity gets high.
    If they have the slow ramp pdofile enabled, they should disable it when they install the IAQ, if you want the IAQ to control the blower for humidity.
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