I hope it is ok to post this.. I'm not asking for pricing advice from anyone.. but for reference, I want to post some relative figures for what I'm looking at.

Someone please tell me if this is not ok, and I'll pull this right away.

Ok... First off... I'm not rich, so money is definetly an object. I currently have a 5-ton Goodman 10seer (Straight-A/C) unit manufactured in '99 I with a Bristol Scroll compressor. The compressor has a pin-hole in it on the side at an internal weld.

New compressor installed - (**Edited: about twice the price of a 5-ton compressor)
(I have no problem with this figure.. I know they don't give out free 5-ton compressors)

Or I could get a new outside unit installed for about the same price and use the same evap coil/AH that is in place now, I'm guessing this would still put me somewhere in the 10 seer range.

Or I could get a new 13 seer Heatpump inside/outside installed for roughly twice this. (I don't believe this has variable speed fan)

Or.... I could go with a 16 seer unit with 2-stage compressor and variable speed fan for just a little more than 3x as much.

I am in the deep south, the temps in the summer months are in the mid 90's and humidity runs very high. May-Aug are the big summer cooling months here. Winter's are relatively mild. I may have 1 month where the power bill gets up a bit in January, but nothing like the stretch we see in the Summer months. For heat it is just using the Internal coil heater, no air pump at this point. My summer cooling costs is prob $250-300 a month in the hottest months.

I'm very confused on what to do here... the people I have talked with have all been straightforward, and I know it's probably impossible to determine what savings I would see from going with the higher seer units, but I'm just looking for an idea of how much more efficient would the higher priced units be over what I have installed now. I have to do something anyways.. with a hole in the compressor