I am planning to replace our 5 ton AC (XL15i) and the gas furnace(80% XV80). I currently have a 7/8" lineset. Some contracts have said I can stay with the 7/8" (with flush); other have said I must replace with 1 1/8" line. I plan on replacing the lines anyway but I am not sure who's advice to rely on.
I also checked Trane's specs and I think I have conflicting information there too. Here are 2 Trane PDFs that, to me, are saying 2 different things. The equipment will be a 5 Ton AC with the coil to be either the 4TXCD061BC3HCA or the 4TXCD064BC3HCA (not sure yet).
The 'Trane Lineset 7-8.pdf' shows a 7/8" is required for a 5 ton.
The 'Trane Lineset 1 1-8.pdf' shows a 1 1/8" is required for the coils mentioned above, using R410.
Can someone clarify this for me???
Thanks... Gary