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    Question Repair or Replace Advice Please

    I live in the Southern California Desert and have a 4-ton Carrier Synergy 2000 (two stage scroll) A/C-furnace system. This was installed in 1995 and it has worked well and I have kept up maintenance/filters.

    Now the evaporator coil is leaking and I am trying to decide if I should just replace the coil or bite the bullet and install a whole new system... something along the lines of a Carrier Infinity. The cost of the new system would be about five times the repair cost of the evaporator coil.

    The tech said the current compressor tests well within rated amp draw. After yesterday's Freon charge I now get a 23 degree drop on a 110 degree day.

    I would prefer to just replace the coil and get 3-5 more years out of the existing system, but can spring for the new system if that is really the best move. I realize this is predicting the future a bit, but do you folks think I can get three or so more years from the rest of this system, or is 13 years on the existing Carrier compressor/system the end of a normal life?

    We plan to stay in the house.

    Appreciate any advice.

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    Seems like the average life expectancy for a system is something like 12-15 years. You'll see many go far beyond that, and a few that never make it. You've had 13 years of service from yours. New unit would be much more efficient.. and repair is investing dollars that you'll not recoup when it finally is time to do the new system. If it is at all within your budget/plan I'd say you're probably better off with a new system. Also sounds like your install quote was reasonable..

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    Take the cost of the repair added to the cost of operation difference for the next 5 years ,and then decide.

    Op cost here;

    Also consider what happens if the compressor or outdoor coil fail in thenext 2 or 3 years.

    Infinit will be far more indoor comfort ,as well.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will go with the new system.

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